Mallory Millet Recounts Her First Encounter With David Bowie


We hit it off and we started talking and we got along. We had a lot of fun and they said. Would you like to come to our state room. Because we'd like to play some of our music for you and and we said well. They were on their way to do his american debut at radio city musical which had been sold out. And you're on their way to do To do this big show. So they brought us to the state room and the next thing i know. Listen i are sitting on the sofa and david. Bowie is lying on the floor in front of us between sitting on the floor and lying on the floor playing his guitar and singing his entire repertoire for the show at radio city to me like you might want to shake your hand. No no there was not the slightest suggestion of anything like that now. We ended up spending the entire week. Crossing the north atlantic amidst. Is that a you file or something is that a euphemism is the north atlanta. Hey there's kids that listen to this program so you're crossing the north atlantic s. Wink wink with david bowie player and the vago player and they were perfect gentleman. Nobody ever came on to anybody and we spent the entire week with

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