The Truth Behind Sleep Paralysis


Everyone who goes through sleep. Paralysis says the same thing. They weren't dreaming. They were awake when it happened because they could see and hear everything going on around them and everyone who only hears about sleep. Paralysis says the same thing. There's no way these people were actually awake. It was probably just an extra vivid nightmare but once you hear stories about people who experience sleep paralysis. You realize there's a problem with that theory. You start to wonder if it wasn't real. Then why did they all see the exact same thing. This question haunted. A man named david hovered in nineteen sixty three david's a college student studying in williamsport pennsylvania. One night he wakes up in his dark off-campus bedroom to find himself completely paralysed. He can't lift a finger in fact he can't move a single bone in his body. He tries to call out for help but his vocal chords aren't responding either. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before so he has no idea. If it's ever going to end. He feels more helpless and more vulnerable than he's ever been in his life and that's when it gets a thousand times worse david. Here's a faint shuffling sound. It takes him a second to realize that. It's the sound of footsteps. There's someone in his bedroom. He tries to roll over and switch on the light but his muscles still won't cooperate. Meanwhile the footsteps are getting closer then he feels the bed sink down like something's climbing in david tries to scream but no sound comes out. And that's when he feels a sudden pressure on his chest like something's kneeling on him pressing him down into his mattress. You can't see it. He can only feel it but whatever it is grabs his throat and starts to suffocate him.

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