An Interactive Map to Track (and End) Pollution in China

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Choking smog polluted waters climate change. This has been the environmental cost of the tremendous wells in china of the past forty years at the same time. Hundreds of millions of people have put themselves out of poverty as environmentalists in china. I have witnessed all of this first. Hand the challenge we're phasing is. Can we clean up as fast. And as broadly as the massive development degrading our air water and climate china has one point four billion people a steel fast growing economy and is responsible for the biggest share of the current greenhouse gas emission. china knows it's global responsibility and has pledged to be carbon neutral by twenty sixty. It means more than ten billion metric. Tons of carbon emission must be stopped abi neutralized. How can we possibly do it. The pressing global climate situation requires each of us. Not just to do it but to do it faster. I believe there's a chance for us to succeed. As i know a tool that i've work to help reduce the enormous environmental pollution. It is the power of transparency. Pollution information made public using mobile internet and other. It technologies many empowers millions of citizens to speed. Change by holding corporations and government agencies accountable. I personally got involved in the transparency drive for or pollution control years ago. Besides lake tied the third largest freshwater lake in china. I saw a group of fishermen using loan lados to scoop out the one fisherman said to me when i was young on a holiday like this i would jump into the lake for a bath but now he said the fish are gone. And we're paid to scoop out the algae pointing to those factories not far from the shoreline. He said the lake would not be clean onto. They stop dumping years of research. Made me understand how hard it is to check the dumping

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