What's Happening With the Vaccine Rollout in Ecuador?

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At the start of the pandemic equality was one of the countries hardest hit by the virus reports showed bodies piling up in its streets. They were frightening times. My name is mankind upping adelaida. I'm from kito. Maria lives in the capital of ecuador. She like everyone else could only follow the recommended guidelines where mask stay home as much as possible and hope that she didn't become infected but then came december eleventh twenty twenty the new york times and washington post now reporting that the fda has given the green light to distribute. Its covert vaccine. The first kovin vaccine was approved for emergency use. And a few days later the us began its vaccination rollout at first distribution was slow and uneven in fact even today vaccination rates in communities of color lag their white counterparts. But by april of this year the us vaccinating over three million people each day. Meanwhile in ecuador just a little over one percent of the population had received at least one dose. The country sought vaccinate. It's healthcare workers senior citizens and other vulnerable groups still distribution. wasn't smooth. Lot of people. Most of them were ill. They're equal how to wait for more than ten hours to get the vaccines a my grandma's best friend. He had the appointment to get her vaccine at nine. Am and she ended up getting her vaccine the same way but eleven pm and she is eighty two years old it for me. That was inhumane. The way that the treated the elders in guitar but long lines weren't the only bump inequalities vaccine rollout battles control the code nine thousand nine pandemic and latin america is underway but it's being hindered by patchy deliveries of the vaccine and scandals in the government related to is the ecuador and health may still fun call survived. The health minister resigned shortly after reveal that his family was part of the lucky ones. Unfortunately this wasn't unique to ecuador in baru. Both the health and foreign relations ministers resigned after news. At almost five hundred government officials and well-connected people had received cove nineteen doses before they were available to the general public and not cantina reports of people using connections to get access to vaccines also led to the resignation of the health minister.

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