Belmont Apartment Building Evacuated for ‘Structural Concerns’


Of residents are out of a home. They were evacuated from a seven storey apartment building yesterday afternoon over fears the condo could collapse. It's an old building, so you know, I just felt like had they been on top of it For all these years, we wouldn't be here. Cora notified her landlord of the crack in her sixth floor ceiling in late July. Engineers came to inspect and on Friday they deemed it unsafe. Recommending everyone evacuate. Actually, it's like a movie. I suddenly like. Refugee is the first I don't have this experience before Towns building inspector says there was no imminent threat of a collapse just structural concerns. But officials say the memory of the deadly building collapse in Surfside, Florida in June ramped up their response. All of us are on a heightened sense of awareness. I think that goes for public safety officials. I think it goes to building owners and building occupants. That report came from WBZ TV S Cristina Rex. Engineers will be back for a thorough inspection on Monday.

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