The Me Too Movement is Gendering Justice


Professor dershowitz. Can we talk just a moment about the strange cuomo scandal. My understanding is that things have just gotten so nasty and so political in america that were more concerned with whether he has touched women inappropriately than what he's done with his policies. I mean a lot of people are genuinely upset. that he that he sent a covert patients into these nursing homes. That's of course infinitely more horrifying as a concept than Whether somebody would Be doing what. He's alleged to have been doing d. Do you have any sense of why that is. Do you have any opinion on that or her. We have our priorities. If you see a doctor dressed in a doctor's white and you say to her boy you make those doctors whites look good. That is regarded as a worst sin than what happened in the nursing homes. Because there's nobody there fighting for the nursing home patients but the me too movement is on top of any deviation One of the things charged in this outrageous report done by letitia. James is that cuomo looked women up and down and he looked at parts of their body. My god if that becomes an impeachable offense or a crime Many many men and women will be in trouble. Forget remember that letitia. James who's now probably going to run for governor started it basically her report by saying believe women Essentially don't believe man that there should be a thumb gender on the scale of justice. And if you have two witnesses one man one woman in their equally credible she says believed the woman because she's a woman that reminds me of what happened in the south in the nineteen twenties. Believe whites don't believe blacks. You cannot generalize like

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