How to get the Mind of a Navy Seal



You give us some insights into what it's like to learn mental toughness navy seal from very very beginning of the training when a person shows up seal shows up to our doorstep. It's about a two and a half year process to get him to his first appointment but the first six months in it's the famous training bugs basic underwater demolition. Steel training is bubby. What most people recognize just seal training. The first six months is nothing. Glamorous or laborat- it's cold water long days sand and some heavy logs right so it's all mental toughness and it's all we twist the body to mold divine. That's how we refer to it too and we teach them those days how to breathe simple things how to focus. And i'm sure we'll get into a lot of focus in here but we train from the very beginning because if you can't the person the mind of the person if you will we call it the naked warrior she came build that then you can put lasers and technology all over the place but you won't have what we need. We won't have someone that could be a problem solver in any situation no matter that so the first thing we do is mind training. And that's about six months long and teach them how to change their beliefs in their values how to change their beliefs about which pain for instance we use a student. I comes in we use an. It's kind of funny thing when he go to medical. When i get hurt or something like that and dr will point to scale. What is your pain level. And maybe they have shin-splints or something like oh. It's six or seven now. Three months later. That same student goes in. He has broken leg and the doctor which pain level because too so what they've learned to do is to have a different relationship with that discomfort if you will and they've separated them from just a little bit in his bike cozy can focus. That can stay in the moment. One of the key things you'll see about a seal that successful makes it through the training. Everyone has the exact same skill. And that's the be able to stay in the moment. Be present to be focused on what you're doing.

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