Who Decides Which Sports Are in the Olympics?


So the delayed twenty twenty tokyo olympics happened the other week complete with thirty three sports and three hundred thirty nine events including four new sports and to discontinued sports. Brought back from the dead. That's the funny thing about the olympic games. The games themselves change almost every time in terms of new events. You might have seen the karate skateboarding sport climbing or serving you might have. I didn't what i saw. The olympics was mostly clips on my favorite memes site. The resurrected sports were baseball and softball. Last seen at the two thousand eight beijing olympics the international olympic committee had decided to make a commitment to the youth by bringing sports to them in urban environments. A pretty new point of view for the i. O. c. as well as to increase engagement for youth fans who are passionate about different sports from all over the world or dispassionate about sports as a whole these sports are also not coincidentally quite popular in japan so who decides what stays in. What goes that would be the aforementioned international olympic committee they oversee all aspects of the olympic. Games they run in it in the common parlance of the associations. Ninety nine members many are former athletes or current leaders in athletics from all over the world bonus fact one of the founders of buffalo wild wings was a lifelong figure skater who served on the ioc for a time. The ios's executive board proposes which sports will be included and the rest of the votes on them. A sport must cut certain muster to sway. Those voters there are five factors split into a further thirty five criteria. Such as. How long has the sport existed. How popular is the sport in the host country. How much would it cost to hold and broadcast the event and how much value the sport would be to the olympic legacy.

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