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Of North Dakota State and that almost Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt. There was no way he was going to start any games this year. The San Francisco 49 know exactly what they're doing. They're glad that people are excited about because you want people to be excited about your quarterback. But we all knew he was going to be a project. I didn't care if he went 14 14. Over the weekend for the San Francisco 49. That would project was not going to be taken out of the equation. As far as I'm concerned when it comes to trade land, So, uh, I know he looks apart. I know he wants to be a part. But until he gets the lead role, he's going to be an understudy. You're still going to be a project unless Jimmy Garoppolo complete does not want to be there and plays awful trade. Lance in they have the season has lost to San Francisco. All right, Freddie, anyone thought Matt Jones. He's ready for prime time. I mean, he's not going to start early. But if Cam Newton falters just a little bit, we can see Mac Jones. Let's say the pages at the time Brady comes to town. Let's say that one in three It won't be on for but they're one and three after losing to Tom bring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Mac Jones. So when he's ready, I can see Bill Belichick pulling that trigger and saying I can do we've done we know you're not the future. We know that guys the president, if they're not playing the way they should be. The ability has a lot of confidence in the guy has a lot of confidence in himself back. Jones went out there in that preseason game, and he looked apart had command of the huddle at command of his teammates. That is Sunday. Everybody thought they would see no one thought they would see it this early. So, Yeah, he's on standby. Camden plays well, We don't see Mac Jones. So 2022 Cam Newton. Father's a little bit. We're gonna see Mac Jones sooner than later, but not before week four. After Tom Brady and Tampa Bay come to play New England. Mentioned

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