How to Achieve Massive Success Without Losing Control of Your Time


Something that i find very important for most ceos. The number one is. I don't have enough time and then at the same time. But when it comes to ceo's it's almost believable right. We almost believe it when a business owner who has fifteen twenty employees or whatever. It is when they say. I don't have enough time to take care of my body. I don't have enough time to be a good father mother. I don't have enough time to travel. Whatever we almost believe them. In many cases people do believe them. While i don't because at the end of the day life is all about choices and there are a lot of hours in everyday twenty four hours a day one hundred sixty eight hours in a week and so you have enough hours to do everything that you want. The question is would you choose to spend your hours doing in your days you're talking about. Let's say cleaning and cooking in a lot of other cases. It's it's other things that people spend their time doing right a lot of times. People spend lot of time to sort of like passively doing something they're not actively engaged so they'll they'll be like oh we'll tonight knows with kids for four hours while we really what the kids for four hours or were you like watching a game on tv. Plan on your phone and your kiss happened to be in the same room. Because i bet you if you were to spend an hour engaged with your kids and i know you have young kids so you know i talk talk about it being floor time. It's like i wanna know how many hours you spent with your kids with your knees on the ground and no phone within within reach. That's how many hours spent with your kids. You know the time you spend with your kids. Where you know your your. Tv's honored you're walking around or whatever that doesn't count right and so it becomes a lot of what you talked about is is finding these areas that you can. You can save time right that cleaning and cooking. Let's say but then the question is where do you now invest that time because it's one thing to save it here but then now reinvesting in watching more television right which i i've learned from other people is Is called the electronic income producer right and so are we watching television or are we putting that time into use like like up spending more time with the kids or putting more time into our business or maybe it's going to the gym or maybe it's it's educating ourselves. Know listening to more podcasts. Reading more books whatever. It is but the people who are able to create that efficiency in their lives. Now with every little thing you cut out your you're literally getting tenax your return on investment because if someone card charges you whatever it is you know in the us if they charge one hundred dollars cleaner house and in return for the time you get in that for that hundred dollars if your business owner guaranteed you can produce a thousand ten thousand dollars in income for your

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