Travis Barker Vowed to Fly Again After 2008 Plane Crash: ‘I Have To’


He's a friend of the neighborhood, and we remember this and I do think most people do. But I think some people forget that back in 2000 and Travis worker was in a plane crash where they tragically Four people died. It was only he technically is the only sole survivor from that plane crash because DJ AM passed away a year later. But for a long time, Travis Barker didn't fly, You know, rightfully so, considering everything that he went through, and actually he's been in the neighborhood and you guys have talked about it, and he talked about his experience with it for a couple years. It was real. I'd be in the back of the tour bus just waiting, you know, like impact with something like That I felt in a in a way. I don't think anyone else experienced, um and lived through it that I was always waiting for that. Did you feel the impact where you sleep in the plane? Or did you feel that that impact also Now I was the only one awake during the whole the whole process. Man. Would you ever fly again? Are you Right now. It's no Yeah. Yeah, man, And we've had conversations with that man. And I know this hypnotist. That's a real hypnotist by the name of Tom Tom Silver, Right? And he was going to sit with Tom Silver. And we we had talked about it, you know, And hopefully I'm not saying too much. But then you know, Jenni Rivera passed in her plane crash, and we just kind of you know, And I'm sure Yeah, that any time that would something like that would happen. It would take him so I can't imagine that. Oh, Get him out. No. But the last few years, Travis has said. He's really thought about it more, he said. You know if his kids wanted to travel, he would think about it. But it seems also that love has pushed him to have a breakthrough really big. They're saying that Travis has taken his first flight since that plane crash, and it's a little bit of it was the help from Kourtney Kardashian, his girlfriend, and they said, according to sources, I

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