What Is an Abscessed Tooth?



Recent studies have also linked oral infections to other serious medical conditions like diabetes heart disease and stroke. So what exactly is obsessed to and how can you avoid getting one. An abscess is a type of infection. That's identifiable by inflamed tissue surrounding a localized collection of yellowish white. Fluid called pus. Which is made up of white blood cells tissue and micro-organisms. A tooth abscess is most commonly caused by severe tooth decay or cavities other culprits are ginger vitus gum disease and damage to the teeth. Like brakes and chips. An abscess starts when openings. In the to the normal allow bacteria to travel to an infect the pulpy center of the tooth in severe cases the infection can affect the jawbone as well as the soft tissue in the mount a left untreated infection from an abscessed tooth can even spread to other parts of the body and cause abscesses in the brain heart infections. Pneumonia and other complications. The main hallmark of an abscessed tooth is a painfully throbbing or stabbing to toothache it will sometimes be accompanied by a bitter taste in the mouth. Bad breath swollen glands swelling in the mouth and fever paradoxically as the infection spreads and worsens. It may kill the nerve root of the tooth and the toothache may go away or subside. So if you have had a bad toothache even if it does subside. You should still see a dentist. Treatment of abscessed. Teeth involves draining the infection. A dentists usually also prescribe a course of antibiotics to fight any lingering infection

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