The Haunted History of Casa Loma

Haunted Places


Tenor sunk is mop into the bucket of soapy water and slapped off to the hardwood. There was a lot of floor at castle. Aloma thousands of square feet of it. The place had dozens of rooms with. Wall-to-wall would lush red velvet furniture and our nate chandeliers. And it was tanner's job to make it spotless. He side weekends cleaning and old tourist. Hotspot wasn't exactly the most fun job but at least it gave him some cash and he was saving up for something. He couldn't stop thinking about a drum set. Tanner tapped out a beat. On the panel in lived for percussion he spent most of his time drumming out new rhythms or listening to imaginary solos. Crashing has had his obsession got yelled at at school for not paying attention but he found something he loved. Why should we give it everything he had. He stopped drumming for a moment to dip them up back in the bucket but tapping continued. Kenner looked around the room. Trying to find the source he finally craig's next appeared directly behind him his stomach drawn a woman was tapping your fingers rhythmically on the wall glaring tanner. His blood went cold. This was no tourist. Her cheeks restrict with tears. Enter white dress was soaked through with blood adrenaline rush through tenders fans. He dropped the mom but before he could run. She reached out and grabbed his arm but tapping sound grew louder and louder until he felt like a skull would burst. She leaned forward her voice in bishops. Whisper and told tanner to get out of her house.

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