Is Now the Time to Go Into 8K TV?

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Televisions are the next big thing and tv's but they've always been insanely expensive prices coming down now the right time to consider. I wrote a chain. This is your daily charge joining me. That's foremost tv. Expert david campfire. Welcome david good to be here. Roger so there is a new tv. That won't entirely. Break your bank right. Tell me about the deal tv so. Tcl is known as a relatively affordable tv and in our reviews we. We've given us a pretty good picture. Quality the higher end models are some of the best picture quality for the money and so they said this year that they're finally gonna come out with k. Tv they're gonna be joining samsung l. g. Sony in the eight k. Race all those brands are a lot more expensive than this. Tci also sixty five inches. The smallest You can get this. Tv in its twenty two hundred dollars and the cheapest You know. Non ak tv out there. Sixty five inches is about three grand. So that's a big discount He seattle is being very aggressive with the price. And just so. I think it's good context around that. It's like a sixty five inch four k. A very nice sixty five inch four k. tv. How much is that going to cost you about Twenty two twenty three hundred bucks. the best metric is a. Lg's a lead tv's and those are four k. resolution of the affordable ones or four k. resolution and Their series which is their mainstream series. Which is a spectacular television Right now caused by twenty two hundred bucks twenty three hundred bucks so about one hundred dollars slightly more expensive than the tcl but it's an old lead. You know based on everything. I've seen i'll say this upfront. Haven't seen this. Tcl eight k tv at in person. So i don't know for sure. What is fish qualities like but just based on underlying technology led versus you know the q. Lead lcd technology that uses. I think the g. lead will have a better overall picture despite having lower resolution.

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