Ledecky Not Retiring: 'I'm at Least Going to 2024, Maybe 2028'


My last word is going to start with Katie Ledecky, who won another gold medal this time and the women's 800 M freestyle, So she's got four total from this year's Olympics. Two golds, two silvers, and she did a postgame post swim interview. Where she told us that she is not done yet. That's not her Last swim, she says. She's going to go to 2024. Then maybe 2028. Which is just absolutely miraculous. And why wouldn't you at this point when she absolutely dominated in the 800 m relay, like I mean, this is certainly not the last race that we're going to see her in. But getting ready for Paris in 2024. I'm very excited to see what Katie Ledecky can can bring to the pool, and she's been phenomenal Storyline her Caleb Dressel Dressler, like You know, Olympic Swimming has been such a fun event. I think because The let down in a lot of sense, with Simone Biles and and the stuff that she's dealing with with in in what that's done to the overall landscape of women's gymnastics, like swimming is very much been, like, all right, We're right here like we're going to take the viewers for that, and we are going to become like what the center stage event is, at least for the time being before track and field starts and all of that, But Shout out to Katie Ledecky. I mean, she's been an absolute monster. And I'm thrilled that she thinks that she's planning at least to go for sure to 2024 in Paris and then maybe consider 2028. I mean, she will certainly be quite a bit older at that point, And as we know, age plays a big factor and what you can do in the pool and up till a certain point, But I wanted to get into Simone

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