Senate Panel Votes That Women Should Register for the Draft


Alright, Here we go. Senate defense budget. Their bill would require women to register for the draft. Have you heard this one? Mr List? My Catholic Italian. Mr. Producer says. Oh, yeah, I don't blame him. Oh, he is right. This is from New York Post They Senate panels. Newly approved defense budget includes a provision requiring women to register for the draft. There were a number of Republican senators on this committee. Who either did not vote. They weren't present or voted for this, and we're trying to figure out which ones Now those of you forget about PC and all the rest of the crap those of you with a daughter. Those of you with a little girl. Do you want that little girl to register for the draft? Of course you don't. Changes to the draft, officially known as the Selective Service system, were made official in the National Defense Authorization Act. The annual military budget bill, which the Senate Armed Services Committee announced it had approved on Thursday. The N D. A amends the military Select Service Act to require the registration of women for selective service. The U. S military has not instituted a draft since the Vietnam War, and Pentagon officials have repeatedly said they intend to keep US armed forces. All voluntary star men between the ages of 18 and 25 are legally required. Be registered with the Selective service system. Penalties for not doing so include losing access to federal financial programs for higher education. Actually, that would be a good thing, I think But the language strikes explicit references to men changing the requirement to all Americans. The change was originally proposed by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reed of Rhode Island

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