Marxist History Is Repeating Itself


All of this is just indicative of how Marxism is playing out. If you've read American Marxism by Mark Levin, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Chapter six, Chapter one. It really describes how these institutions in America have just been hijacked. Write everything. I mean, everything has been hijacked. Nothing is the way it looks. Everything is some sort of, uh, to reference the Soviet Union like politburo and these and these ministers of propaganda, and they're in line force mint, federal law enforcement and I support law enforcement. You know, I actually was a volunteer cop in Jersey and for for like, two years, and my brothers served both of them. 20 years, NYPD have nothing but respect for law enforcement, But it's Sad to say. At the federal level. We've seen it time and again. There are some bad apples that are Trying to spoil the bunch. And that's just not there. I mean, we see the same thing in the media. We see the same thing in in the schools. You've got teachers that come in with very altruistic, altruistic. Excuse me, Um Rationale of why they want to become a teacher, and then they get there. And that is all kind of, um, usurped by the unions and them saying No, no, you've got to do this and you've got to teach this and we're going to do this and parents. I don't want to put this on the parents, but the parents have a role. Have been taken a back seat, some of them because they don't know better and some of them because they're too busy because they're trying to make a way for their family. So when we look at all of that stuff It's like, man. We're looking at the same thing that we saw. In our own history. A 20 years ago. And it's happening right before our very eyes the violence in the streets of last summer, we've seen that play out.

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