Health And Wellness (MM #3835)


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason as we get older the one thing we're told to focus more of our time and attention on is our health and wellness. And let's be honest, you get consumed with it as you get older. It's not something I thought too much about. I thought about it, but I didn't think too much about it. 30s and 40s. Now what I'm above the equator, I think about it, okay, not all the time, but darn close to all the time. And I'm always wondering what to take what to do, should I take this vitamin? Should I take this supplement? Of course I've talked about this before. My wife has told me the other day she saw a commercial for dayquill, which we all know it's been around for a long time. The daytime cold medicine, but they packaged it differently now. They packaged it with daqui for the person who catches the cold and then with another one of their products super to help the person your spouse who's around you to boost their cold fighting antibodies to keep them from getting sick. Courses you hit your 50s, hit your 60s. There managed to get that flu shot every year. Last year, they were worried about the flu and COVID. Now this year, we're worried about it even more. You can't win, you can't stay ahead of the game and you still sometimes just wonder what to do because doctors can't agree on that either.

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