Biden Meets With Warring Democrats


Biden huddles with democrats divisions threaten his agenda. Hey they cannot agree. The squad runs the house and the squad wants to spend five trillion dollars raise taxes to extraordinary heights in the senate. Every democrat needs to vote for this could not one republicans going to vote for it. Not what they're going to have to go back and amend the reconciliation bill. They pass the budget that they passed earlier and amend the reconciliation instruction to include a dead height and mitch. Mcconnell made it clear again yesterday. they're not gonna get one. Republican vote along the way because they rolled the republicans and so they they. They broke it. They bought it at the new york. Times it says democrats across the ideological spectrum said forging a consensus with tall order. We've got a hectic few days ahead representative josh heimer. A moderate new jersey said after emerging from his negotiating settlement with mr biden. And the other lawmaker how they can only those four votes in the house. They can't lose one. Vote in the senate and they have the crazy squad. People the crazies. There just absolutely crazy they they want to spend all of your money and they wanna forgive all of the college debt and they want to pay for everyone's college and then want to give you a check instead and so they don't wanna compromise with anybody and you know the same democrats like joe manchin and saying you know we're not going to do that. I gotta get elected and the moderate democrats who actually don't wanna lose their job in next fall's elections which will well that leads to another headline the washington post biden huddles with warring democrat warring democrats as parties. Agenda hangs in the balance because you see finally elite media's figured out the republicans aren't helping if the government shuts down. It's the democrats fall. If the debt limit is exceeded in no more debt can be issued in the full faith and credit of the united states takes a dang it the democrats fall

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