Dr. Maria Montessori: Founder of Montessori Schools


Eighteen ninety six. Maria graduated with honors from the university of rome medical school. She was among the first female physicians and all of italy. Maria worked as a surgical assistant in low income areas of rome. She also had a private practice focusing on psychiatry through this work to came to have this revelation she said i felt that mental deficiency presented chiefly pedagogical rather than mainly a medical problem so maria began to study education. Theory and philosophy in one thousand nine hundred. Maria became the co director of a small school. That served as a training institute for special education teachers. The school's pupils were children with developmental and learning disabilities. Maria pulled from her background in medicine and approached the work. With scientific rigor she conducted experiments and made adjustments to teaching methods based on her observations. She offered unique materials to keep kids stimulated and it worked many of the children and the program made unexpected improvements and it was deemed a great success. Maria took her findings all over europe. She gave speeches where she explained her research and used her platform to advocate for children's and women's rights in her observations. Maria found that children were highly self motivated and curious. She saw that when children were allowed to pursue their in neat curiosities. They naturally learn from their environment. Maria advocated that teachers. Follow the child which was a radical idea for the time and to phrase that would define her legacy in nineteen o seven. Maria had an opportunity to fully implement her thinking she opened a full day. Child care center and a poor inner city neighborhood in rome. The students were children aged two to three or six to seven. Who had been historically under served in the italian education system. Maria specifically designed the space to allow children to self select between pre orchestrated activities or learning. Puzzles this attentive. Learning environment was called casa dei bambini and it was the first of its kind in italy. It became the first montessori

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