A highlight from 10 Trivia Questions on 90s Boy Bands

Trivia With Budds


It's linked and all the show notes and my friend sarah z. Pick today's category in her big list of picks for the rest of the year. So thank you. Sarah for picking boy bands. And we've got some boy band songs coming at you where i'll give you the song you tell me the name of the group who had that's on before we get to that we ever review to read number three. Oh five from someone named no escape from reality. Five star says fantastic podcast. I've been listening to podcasts. This year while doing dishes mowing the lawn and taking showers. I found yours a few weeks ago and had probably listened to at least the newest fifty. I finally got ten right with yesterday's geography. Oh and by the way. Colorado doesn't touch texas just like mississippi. Lots of love your content ryan. Thank you know escape from reality. Drop me an email. Ryan budget gmail.com. So i can send you some swag for leaving a review and to comment on the colorado thing. Yes that was an error on an episode. Think last week. And i have since re recorded that part of it and posted again so if we refresh your feed or you download it now and you didn't listen to that. Maybe your brand new listener. You should have the accurate question in there about states that touch texas that was on an episode called fake lists. If you want to go back and listen to that one all right. We are all set. Were all ready to go. We're all warmed up. We're gonna jump into ninety s boy band trivia for sarah z. Right now here. We go all right. We've got ten questions on boy bands songs you tell me the name of the boy band that had the song from the ninety s. Here's number one. Quit playing games with my heart

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