Hearing From California Recall Election Candidate Kevin Faulconer


We're going to bring on. Kevin faulkner once again to the john and ken show on your as a possibility to replace gavin newsom as governor in the recall election and apparently he made an appearance in l. a. today to talk about homelessness Cabin on my opinion one of the one of the best candidates. Running here kevin. How are you gentlemen. It's great to be back with you. Thank you so what were you doing today. Well we were out in downtown los angeles talking very strongly and passionately about the need to and tent encampments. Not just an la but across california Just like i did. When i was mayor of of san diego and i i spoke in very direct terms that we have a duty to intervene. But if you're going to allow people to live in a tent on our sidewalks and are freely overpasses and underpasses. They're going to die there. And the fact of the matter. Is that these tendon cabinets have become open their drug markets heroin and methamphetamine. Nobody is helping anybody by allowing that to continue and so i took a very strong position. Just like i've done Is married to get the word out. That folks across california are saying enough is enough and that's not who we are as california so it signed to stand up take very strong delivered action and i said i am going to lead by example is governor just like i did this mayor. We are not going to allow ten on our sidewalks. Yeah i think people should know out of the top candidates in the race. You're the only one who actually has had some significant success in reducing homelessness. They you will. The success happened during the six years. You remember san diego. And i think that really is a good thing to emphasize because that i'm ashok paul this week that ninety three percent of the people in la county say that's by far the most serious issue

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