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Doppler radar can help give us at least some notification in advance of any touchdown. Even a small tornado can cause extensive damage. Central Mass. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, the town of Peterborough, New Hampshire, loses more than $2 Million in taxpayer money to cybercriminals, Here's WBC's sherry small, the cyberattacks confirmed on a Facebook post saying on July 26 Peterborough, New Hampshire officials learned that Convo School district had not received its monthly $1.2 million transfer from the town. A stop payment order was immediately issued, but the funds had already left the town's bank account. An investigation quickly revealed email fraud, email exchanges found between Finance Department staff and thieves posing as school district staff. Using forged documents and email accounts. Investigators were not able to immediately identify who was behind the fraud. Then last week, the town learned to bank transfers meant to go to a construction company were also diverted to thieves. Those emails traced to overseas sherry small WBC Boston's news radio, a thumbs up from the Drug Administration full approval to Pfizer's covid 19 vaccine, meaning the shots meet the very high standards required of all approved vaccines. Americans rely on each day. The move prompted the Pentagon to announce it would move ahead with the vaccine mandate. New York City is adopting a similar rule for all public school employees and won't allow them to opt out all staff of every kind. Principals, Teachers, custodians food service you name it needs to have at least one dose. Pfizer's vaccine will be sold under the brand name community. The vaccine remains under an emergency youth authorization for 12 to 15 year olds, as do the vaccines made by Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. Amy Redwood, CBS News Less than an hour now midnight tonight. That's when New York gets a new governor, Kathy Huckle, taking over from Andrew Cuomo, who's resigning on its last day in office. Governor Andrew Cuomo denounced the sexual harassment allegations and the investigative report that preceded his resignation. The attorney general's report. Was designed to be a political firecracker. In a recorded farewell address, he sought to establish a legacy beyond what drove him from office. No governor in the nation has passed more progressive measures than I have. Cuomo said. His successor, Lieutenant governor, Kathy Hoco, will step up to the challenge when she becomes the state's first female governor after midnight. Aaron Carter Ski, ABC NEWS, New York 11 03 traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three Steve what you got for We're seeing a series of crashes. Donald starts out of the city where expressway North Island Jam. There's two crashes at granted. AV That's causing heavy delays. Southbound is another at mass have two lanes taken their route three a speed limit. Ride. 24 95, Okay, until you get to 4, 95 and points south where you're under the speed limit due to wet roads north of the city. 93 south Rollover crash in Woburn. You're down two lanes by commerce Weigh heavy delays. 1 28 route one or okay? West of the city on the pike. Rainfall delays from the city Well, past 4 95 route to in room nine. Not bad. Downtown Tobin Bridge North found a large puddle in the right lane State of the left. You're going to slow down passing that. The deck and the connector are fine, as are the airport tunnels and stare. Oh drive. This report sponsored by mothers against Drunk driving for victims of drunk driving and drug driving. Your grief is unique. But you are not alone. You always have a place at Mad. Call the 24

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