Using The Keto-Alkaline Approach for Menopausal Women with Dr. Anna Cabeca


Are the keys to mastering hormones. Now well i definitely say it's all about getting into that balance getting that peaceful state and always say there are three major hormones. We have to control right as gynecologist. I wanna say. it's progesterone estrogen testosterone. But it's really not to be honest. Insulin cortisol and then my absolutely favorite most powerful mormon in our body oxytocin. So it's those three that i teach now working with women as they're going through this midlife weight gain. I want to tell you this. I mean this is what i would tell. My patients kito Genyk guides don't work for women in this change of why they just don't work and i'll tell you what the reason is. I tell you go crazy. So what i found in my clinical practice understanding the research from decades ago looking at ketogenic diets thinking okay. You know sally you. You're forty five. You're gaining this way. Let's go and this buried carbohydrate restricted program and you know of course after we've done detox program. Let's go through this carbohydrate restricted program and this is the ketogenic this will help you burn fat and lose weight for sure. But you know when i would try to do and i'm like okay. Yeah no. I don't like myself this way. I'm getting irritable on edge of not appease. What's going on and my patients would say the same thing. So i said i call the keita crazy so as i as i hit this stage thinking okay well. What's the missing link here for women especially to avoid these symptoms and to empower their body into a fat-burning state which feels can feel really great. How do we create that balance. So that brought in the missing piece that we all know his functional medicine. Docs that's really key. When we detox people. We want them on an alkaline diet and i started checking i started having myself check my family friends etc. Check their urine. Okay they completely get an acidic urine. Ph let's not good long term. We need a good balance. We need to be alkaline. And acidic and our european and i help what you -ation so i started getting clients and myself alkaline. Burst and then going to kyoto says so starting eating more healthy greens carbohydrate bump talking about europe. And i know you know that. But i think that's where the literature gets really confusing like alkalinity. Doesn't matter it absolutely does. Our blood ph is gonna stay stable and we're going to rob our bones muscles etcetera in order to keep up ph stable but urinary will give us a good indication of what woods passing through our kidneys on a regular basis. What's our inflammatory know. What's going on from that cellular

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