A highlight from Weed It and Weep (with Marie Faustin)


This month on the eleventh. A four part series called the inbox in march twenty twenty. Sarah doreen wrote a story about her wife. Being falsely accused of sexual misconduct. She thought would happen to her. Was an anomaly. But after the story was published hundreds of people reached out this era to say they had similar stories. Have they too had been falsely accused for months. Those messages sat sarah's inbox as she considered what to do with them responsibility. Did she have to these other stories. These other people was it her role to decide who is telling. The truth is panicked. And i really thought like oh my god. Oh my god. What if i would if i did this thing and i had a psychotic break or something and the series. Sarah finally opens her inbox. And wades into the murky waters of false accusations the chaos they create and whose lives they actually upend. They had managed to get me to truly doubt myself. That's this month on the eleventh. A new podcast from pineapple street studios available wherever you listen. Welcome the unhappy our the show where we bitch about all the things we love the. Hey i'm your host map. Bella

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