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Influential groundbreaking musicians in the world from genre defining stars to avant-garde trail trailblazers about their lives and careers. Each episode will be rooted in these musicians iconic fada cover stories and institution that over the past. Two decades has told artists stories. Like no other the podcast. The chance to talk about the past present and future reflecting on their breakthroughs diving into their lives when they're covers hit shelves and discussing what the future might hold now. And it's an opportunity for me to speak to some of the artists i most admire. This is the fater uncovered with mark ronson. Today i'm talking with police. The genre defying popstar responsible for some of modern music's most weird and wonderful bangers. Kalisa appeared on the cover of the fater in the fall of two thousand and one for issue number nine at that moment. She was about as new york and painfully hip as the strokes were and they happened to grace the back. Cover of that same issue her debut album kaleidoscope had already vaulted her into the spotlight internationally and its follow-up wonderland was set to cement her status as one of the world's most exciting artists. I remember being completely stopped in my tracks. When i first heard wonderland's lead single young fresh and new the vocals were so exciting and the production was neptune's at their finest hard ass minimal drums with so much future funk these weird aggressive robot noises and a super soulful bridge that seemed to come out of nowhere and take you to melodic r&b heaven. The neptune's were on their way to becoming one of the greatest production doers of all time. But police particularly was the collaborator through which they seem to exercise their most outta galaxy leanings. Not unlike the synergy that missy timberland and lia had created just across town. I mean it's crazy to think that all of this was going on within ten miles of each other in virginia beach some of the greatest most future leaning pop music of all time anyway. Young fresh new comes out and wanderlust to set to be her anointing but instead it turned out to be an extremely fraught time and cleese's his career in fact label issues. Were so bad that the album was buried in the united states until only two years ago when it suddenly appeared on streaming services out of nowhere lease was breaking boundaries in music fashion culture incorporating elements of hip hop punk science fiction embodying term afro punk before it even had a name and as is often the case when you defy genres and boundaries and stereotypes the gatekeepers be the labels or the radio. Whoever will they don't get it and they usually to shook to let you through but by sheer force raw talent ambition and as she puts it no choice but to be an artist. Khalid's rebounded with the biggest hit of her career. The alzheimer milkshake. And it's excellent accompanying album tasty but while still delivering excellent record after record kelly. Scott tide of an industry. That didn't understand why this young black woman wouldn't stay in her musical lane. Sushi took time out to study at likud on blue. The most prestigious cooking school in the world. She graduated wrote a cookbook and became a culinary bus with our own line and a show on the cooking channel. I'm a genuine kelly's fan. She has a really unique voice in his made records. That are actually point. Which i can remember what i was doing in my life. She's also incredibly. Bright has one of the best laughs and now lives on a farm in california. What does it chew icon. An arbiter of fashion art and culture whose new yorkers graffiti on the subway do on a farm all day. Well find out a you on the farm. Because i've been doing my deep dive police research and i didn't realize you have this big farm outside of southern really south california towards san diego. Okay and can we talk about it. Because i am sort of like you've had so many lives and you're such a new yorker to me but then you also lived in laying. You're like i just couldn't live in la and talk about hike since juice cleanses anymore. And if i'm going to live in california. I want the thing that you lived there for which i guess. Is this farm. yeah. I wanted like space. Yeah i wanted to see like trees and stuff to like. I am such a new yorker like to the core such a new yorker. I think when you're born in new york you kinda come out the womb like you will hate california.

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