The Left and the Made up Fight Against Racism


Nine eleven issue is one. That is Reminds me i do now recall. It reminds me of something and they said was painful. The amount of patriotism surrounding that those weeks i remember kids high school age selling american flags. And i remember. I bought a flag from girl near my house. I would say she was a high school girl and and it was a little flag and she charged me twenty dollars for it. And i bought it. I was so happy. That kids were selling american flags and they. They could command such a price that i bought it. And do you realize where we are today where kids are basically taught that the flag represents racism. The flag represents oppression. This is what kids are taught. You understand the injury to america and the injury to them they have nothing to believe in except the woke kness all of which is just made up stuff. It's just made up stuff that that they're supposed to spend their lives fighting like racism. Now you're saying that racism is made up saying that the that that devoting one's life to fighting a fairly minimal evil in the united states. Racism is made up the amount of racism that is identified with america that is indeed made up

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