The Unexpected Story of a Man and His Bear, Winnipeg


The toys from our childhood. Stay with us long after we stop playing with them as adults we may lose track of a beloved stuffed animal or a fun action figure but we keep the memories. We remember how safe they made us feel and darkened bedroom or how much fun we had zooming them around the house as if they were flying and yet no matter what we all grow up and leave childish things behind but thanks to one man's impulsive decision. we learned. We don't have to let the past slip away. Not only can we hold onto it but we can share it with the people we love and keep that joy alive for generations to come harry. Colbourn was born in birmingham england in eighteen eighty seven. When he was eighteen years old he moved to ontario canada where he studied to become a veterinarian surgeon upon receiving his degree he settled in winnipeg in manitoba but duty would eventually call. Harry joined the military when world war one became too great to ignore and he hopped a train to quebec for basic training. It was on his way to the camp when he encountered an odd sight. A hunter had killed a black bear and taken. It's cub to sell at a local trading post. Harry gave them twenty dollars and in exchange he took possession of the bear cub which he named winnipeg after the town where he'd been living. His plan was to raise winnipeg for a little while before releasing her back into the forest. Unfortunately harry's plans change very quickly. Winnipeg became a hit among other troops. They played with her and let her stay in the bunks where. She slept under harry's kat that she grew however winnipeg got too big to live indoors and was relegated to outside like a kind of watch bear for the soldiers. The more time they spend together the harder it became for harry to let go. He in winnipeg had grown close. So close that. When he was ordered to go back to england to fight on the western front he refused to release the bear back into the wild he instead snuck her into the ship with the other troops together. They traveled to the second canadian. Infantry brigade camp near stonehenge in england. Harry let her roam free for a while they were there. She enjoyed playing on the large stones but he soon understood that he would have to give her up. There was just no way for winnipeg to go all the way with him to the front

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