How To Create a Stronger Mindset to Tackle Goals


I definitely get into mindset itself and talking about stoicism the type of resilient thinking where the obstacle is the way instead of wishing for life without obstacles instead of wishing for short cut around the obstacles cherishing obstacle in knowing that is how we find our strength. That is how we get stronger. That's how we get better just like going to the gym. This is the jim for your brain. It's called alice. Static load in the body and the more resilient we are. The bigger are stress bucket. Were alice static. Load can be the more stress we can handle and the more stress we can handle mentally the more stress we can handle physically like pathogens and viruses and things like that and vice versa when we get better at physical stress doing cold plunges and hot saunas and doing fasting we get better at dealing with mental stress. So your body sees both The same those are alice static. Load another thing. That i would say there's really important is. If you're big. Goals are overwhelming. Start making small goals start raking them down into much simpler things start tracking things. Journaling things using an app. If you want using google key or evernote or something like that in just tracking things and tracking your small wins with your small goals. That's really important at the big old just seemed too big and break it down. Start making it simple. If your goal is for example to lose fifty. Which i don't think is a good good goal. I think a good goal is to fit into a certain dress or you know. Feel great about your body. Or whatever like i think a shift like. That's more important than getting caught up in a number but to i think breaking it down into smaller things you know like what's the dress size you want to get into for you know x weeks like those kinds of things like and or lifting a certain amount of weight by x. weeks You know being able to walk two miles by x. Weeks you start getting like your goals broken down to where instead of like one massive goal you have twenty smaller. Owl's and then. How good does that feel when he start checking off all these goals like wow. I can walk two miles. I'm in a smaller address. I'm you know able to skip mcdonald able to you know. Skip the diet soda. And have a joe pacheco. I don't know you know something like that. those are all meany wins but big wins that add

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