Inside the US-Australia Submarine Deal


The dutch prime minister mark rutta will reportedly offer his uk counterpart. Boris johnson a defense and security cooperation. Deal with the eu. When the leaders meet in downing street later today it follows yesterday's announcement that the uk. The united states and australia had agreed their own defense. Pack called aucas. the deal has angered many. You states with france calling australia's decision to scrap a huge submarine. Deal in favor of eight nuclear powered subs deal with the us establish back. Let's get the latest now from paul rogers international security advisor at open democracy. Paul some very harsh words from paris. Today tell us what happened here. I on the australian deal and why the french are feeling blindsided by it over the australian deal. The australians essentially decided to replace their existing collins class submarines richard come to the end of their useful life with new pout submarines rather than diesel-powered submarines. The previous decision was to gain with france which has quite a good recorder producing diesel-powered submarines. It can actually produce a new pout. Submarines for self. I don't think he's ever exported them considered it. But anyway australia's decided they need to new capelle. Submarines had this deal with the french for the best essentially for the Diesel-powered ones they basically dish that and gone in with the united states with britain as well although the suspicion is that as far as the building of the new submarines consent bush will be done as an australian yard in adelaide. That will be done. Under american supervision with the british relatively small this is partly because britain is producing own new class of astute hunting submarines as well as its missile submarines an in both cases. It has pretty serious problems with developing the reactors rolls royce history. Having great difficulty in getting things right the to another words in america wants a more reliable. So that's the basis of it. The the fringe obviously are pretty furious of this because what was a pretty big contract with a lot of money in. It was basically dish in favor of a basic and anglo american agreement. So that's the background this at beyond that. Of course you have all the issues in the eu and the whole question of how one handles a rapidly growing china which does have increasing military capabilities.

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