A highlight from Weirdhouse Cinema: Time After Time


Up card and closer to that getaway. Welcome to stuff to blow your mind. Production of iheartradio pay. Welcome to weird. How cinema this is rob land. And this is joe mccormack end. It is time travel o'clock on weird house cinema. Today's movie selection is the nineteen seventy-nine romantic sci fi adventure time after time by the american writer and filmmaker nicholas meyer So this is a movie that i had never seen until this week And i came across it by way of a plot description in some article. I was reading somewhere. I don't even remember what it was now. But i discovered in this article that there was allegedly a time travel adventure movie in which the english writer h g wells real historical figure Author of the novel. The time machine played in this movie. By malcolm mcdowell must use a real time machine to chase jack. The ripper played by a smooth and sadistic david warner through space and time. In this time machine to prevent the ripper from slashing twentieth century disco dancers and the premise was it sounded so bonkers that i immediately thought this had to be a good option option for weird house and then the really surprising thing was the more i read about it the more. It seemed that most critics really liked this movie. Even though i had somehow never really heard of it or if i had heard about. It didn't make enough of an impression that i remembered it So so. I saw this out and i gotta say i was really impressed on the downside for for weird house context. At least i will say this movie doesn't actually when you're watching. It feel quite as weird in its execution as a straight read on the premise would lead you to assume but nevertheless i think this is mostly just a really great movie and it opens up all kinds of interesting bigger questions about The themes and ambitions of time travel stories and science fiction in general. Yeah i was excited to view this film again Especially after watching spookiest last week in part. Because i was excited because you had never seen it and And so that would make it fresh. It's a film that i had not seen in a long time. I remember watching it on. tv. I don't know if they used to show it on like tnt or maybe came on a any or something back in the day. But i remember watching it on television and uh oh it's It it. It does help up so well. I've spoken to various people in in folks who have seen this movie. They tend to like it. I haven't met anybody who hated it. It's kind of like an orange julius. I guess as long as you just don't really hate orange juice or really hate You know malls or balls or so. I don't know there's a terrible analogy But i don't know something about about this film just seems to sit well with most people. I don't know everything's very well. Calibrated like sci fi. But it's not so seifi that it turns off people that would be opposed to say. Rampaging morlocks and people like us who might say. Why are there no more locks in this picture. It's still it's still so captivating and well acted and well put together. That i ultimately can't argue too much about the results. Yeah i i agree i mean i would of course enjoyed if it if it went much. Weirder and wrapped in more. Hd wells lower had morlocks and all kinds of stuff like that. it doesn't and in fact. The film is almost the opposite of that. I would say four. A science fiction movie involving one of the most like notorious sadistic serial killers in history. This is an extremely cozy feeling movie. Would you agree. I would agree. I believe this is a pg but it was a nineteen seventy-nine pg so yeah. I do not recommend watching this with with your young children. Right there has there is blood. And they're mature themes that are explored but it but even those mature themes which are just part of the tapestry. You're invoking by bringing in a character like jack the ripper they are. They are handled in a very light and and ultimately kind of comforting way. I guess ended. I think it also helps that You know it's funny. I want to criticize myself. Because i think in a previous episode of weird how cinema i was trying to list actors that just have that evil. Look that unfortunately just have faces. Where maybe they can't overcome the fact that they look sadistic and sinister one of the actors. I singled out in this. Regard is malcolm mcdowell. Unlike it's going to be hard. To have malcolm mcdowell is a hero because he just looks like an evil person. That's not a nice thing to say.

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