The National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Is a Total Moron


One of the most unimpressive people ever to serve in. Government is a man by the name of jake sullivan. He thinks he's very smart because he's a rhode scholar and it's tucker carlson said on his show yesterday. We really can't find out what he's ever done that is meaningful except to go to school and he was pressed by i think. Savannah guthrie from nbc. Might not be here might have been somebody else asking. How did you guys screw this up. So terribly and he uses these kind of things. He's being very clever by using these long words by saying oh well yes we You're trying to circumvent the imminent threat by trying to use aerial reconnaissance. And by the ten second you realize this guy's a moron. This is the guy i forget the fact that they're corrupt and they actually want to preside over a completely different nation. Being ushered in the united states of america. Just not very smart. And they're so prideful and cocky. So jake sullivan is i think. He's the national security advisor. He's a total wimp. And the fact that jake sullivan is giving advice on her. United states military is rather horrifying.

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