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Subject my husband texted the wrong woman. There stephen shirley a few days ago my husband and i went to a sister's baby shower and i found my husband in the kitchen key keihin with the woman and he put her phone number in his phone. I went and introduce myself. And she said she's an old friend and it was good to be back in town. My husband walked off. But i wanted to get to know her better. She told me she's single and she lives in dallas now but she'd be in town a few days. She told me which hotel she was staying at. And i knew it well because it's only five minutes from my house. She's a gorgeous chocolate sister with a beautiful smile. And a big booty. Say that one more carla. Need you right here please okay. She's a gorgeous chocolate sister with a beautiful smile and a big bodey big on our way home. I asked about her. My husband said he doesn't know her. Well i let him know. I saw him getting her number and he said he was just showing her a picture of our sun. Later that night. I was enjoying a bubble bath and having a cocktail when i got a text message from my hubby saying. I'll come tuck you in shortly. Give me a minute at first. I thought he was being cute and wanted to come. And get a little nookie before. I went to sleep then. I realized that this text wasn't for me. He stuck his head in the bathroom and said he was running to the liquor store. I said be saved. And i got dressed in rhode through the hotel parking lot where the woman was saying. I did not see his car. And i called him three times but he didn't answer. I sat there thirty minutes and then he called. He said he was home and asked where i was. I told him what i was doing. And he said i'm insane. He said the text was for me but he had to get to the liquor store before it closed. By the time i got home. He had showered and then he and he was in bed. If he playing me or did. I play myself this time. Well for sure you played yourself this time. No doubt because what you went looking for. Didn't go down the way you thought it would. Meaning you didn't catch him with. Oh girl not saying that. He wasn't with her but you didn't catch him net time but please listen. Listen listen to your intuition because it is real what you saw in the kitchen you saw your eyes do not lie you saw. Your husband lied about knowing her when you came in he left. You know acting all suspicious and everything and she is staying in the hotel right down the street from your house. All this stuff is very very very suspicious. So if you're trying to catch him just give him a minute. Okay i think you will. He'll slip up somewhere they always do and you'll catch him with his pants down now. Do we want this for you guys absolutely not. We don't want this so let your husband know that. He's about to lose everything if he steps out with her okay. He doesn't wanna do that you. You're watching him. Tell him you're watching him so he better not do anything stupid. Once that trust is broken. It's not impossible but it is very hard hard hard to get it back. Keep your eyes open. Don't doubt what you know you see with your own two eyes and just you know keep watching but you got to be a little more clever than you were next time. All right come on blowing in the background. i'm blowing up blowing. Listen baby girl. You too impatient your show jehan to feigns. Yeah did you to impace it if you would've just once once you saw what happened in the kitchen. Just wait on. Yeah that's how you had to do was wait. Once he's once you realized she was down the street at a hotel. You should know. I don't know this same right. Wait on you too impatient. You trying to blow to cover. While i was riding in the car what you told me. I saw you as saw you do that quite talking. You're supposed to be investigating right now. Okay you are detective right now about your relationship. Ride it out. You're supposed to be the. I'm gonna wait and wait and wait. Did they set some up. You damn right they d- but guess what you blew the cover way too early. So guess what. You'll never catch him now because he no you looking. It's too late baby girl. you'll never catch him because he already know. And big booty dogs game down the street at the hotel. She knows too that you came through the parking lot looking for everybody knows everybody is aware so when they do make it happen pro. Trust me you're going to be far away from their. They'll be on the

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