18 Reminders to Listen to When the World Feels Heavy


Today i'm about to walk you through eighteen lovely reminders about the world about yourself and hopefully these things will allow you to do a little bit of re framing and hold space for what you might need this week now. These reminders aren't going to solve everything necessarily but they can be so lovely to come back to from time to time. And i hope that you listen to this episode whenever you need these reminders. So let's go ahead and get started so there are eighteen of these today that i wrote and i'm just gonna go ahead and begin with number one. Number one is that rushing often feels like a fast paced way of avoiding self awareness. When you rush you are running through and avoiding self awareness in your body and your mind and it's why when we rush through things we make mistakes we we. There are oversights that we experienced right and we tend to be irritable. So your reminder with this one is that rushing is only going to prevent you from being able to self assess and self correct as needed so if you need to slow down. Here's your reminder number two if you feel overwhelmed it can be helpful to ask yourself the following question. What's the true outcome that i am seeking. I mean keep it simple here. Omit whatever editions you've added to your plate that don't truly aid in keeping an helping you reach your goal so again asking yourself. What's the true outcome. That i am seeking with business with work with life. We often add in additional steps or additional things. We think we need to do to reach our goal and they might just not be necessary. Omit what you don't need number three you cannot please everyone nor should you try. Keep on doing your best. Take it step by step. Make sure that you are putting yourself first where you need to so that you can take care of your mind and your health so that you can show up for others right so that you can contribute to society and community care but don't have the goal to please everyone because it will never happen and there's a little bit of liberation in realizing that

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