A highlight from A Uyghur Teens Life After Escaping Genocide

The Experiment


So are you with a lot of family right now. Yes so my family. This is like the basic question. I learned when i learn english teacher. What you're hearing is a mike. Check between producer natalia ramirez and our guest a new young immigrant the us. I remember my favorite phrase in a whole english. Language was idle. No a way. We run a lot of trouble with who might teach you to asking you complicated questions you just say i don't know and then then so i still love it till this. Okay perfect stop recording. So when i finally sat down to talk to her you can go ahead and click record. Hello my name is athena. I asked a senior tahiri skill. Nineteen years old about the things. She did not know when she first got here from china for years ago. Know what cafeteria means. It was like right before lunch and the tissues. Like okay kids. Let's go catch your lunch. And i was like what the hell is cafeteria self defense or something where we going. Now you know like art gallery or something only lane from my british english. That i learned from my teaching the year was there are a lot of basic words. She didn't know like instead of restroom she would say toilet instead of. Excuse me she'd say pardon me the one they girl in front of me. Turn her handbag. She looked at me and she was like hey said hey she said you know you sound like old lady now really he said yes okay so she didn't really mind being called an old lady because a lot of times in class she kind of feels like one be fans of my same age kids. I just feel like on their grandma. The main thing keeping us enough from connecting to kids her own age isn't the stuff she doesn't know the things they talk about like malls games. It's she knows too much in then. The things i think about it was genocide it was rivers was international policies although the fact seen knows these annoying adult facts. 'cause she's meager. She grew up in a room. She a part of xinjiang china. Where over twelve million. Muslims like her are now under extreme surveillance. Human rights groups estimate that over a million have been detained in concentration camps over the past few years and the us canada and the netherlands have officially called it. A genocide senior and her family were able to escape for years ago. The whole thing just made me grow up so fast that i had to think a lot of things that in my age like it doesn't block my age for years. I've been hearing stories about the china yet. Think minority group. That's been persecuted by the chinese government but very few weeks irs avenue able to leave china in the last few years. So it's rare that we hear what's happening there firsthand much less in english. It's pretty much impossible escape. I feel like. I'm the only one who was like the most recent here so this week. The story of one young weaker how she became old before her time in another country. And how she's now trying to make her way here or no one. Her age seems to know the things that she does. I'm julia longoria. This is the experiment. A show about our unfinished country. My name a asena is a turkish name. It's a pretty common name in turkey. According to my dad it's also a name of like a female wolf who's like a mother of the whole turkish people so at the time he named me he wants me to remember that we are from turkey. A senior grew up among many workers and a part of china xinjiang. They used to be turkish. The call xinjiang east is here. Just because it's what it named before but growing up in china she didn't learn much about her own people. The history learn is the chinese history. Dynasties i still love it till these days. I still watch movies about it. I still read books about it. It's so beautiful.

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