A highlight from This Is Why You Are Tired. 3 Secrets To More ENERGY!

Rich Bitch


It's so draining to not be yourself. It is so exhausting to fake. It's it's interesting. When i was working my corporate job that i hated and i knew it wasn't in alignment for me. I was exhausted all the time. I was exhausted all the time. But when i decided to take three part time jobs but on the side i could pursue my passion of creating content and blogging and putting myself out there and building a brand. I was less exhausted. And that's because my soul knew that i was stepping into my purpose. what is pretending costing you. what's a friend. welcome back to bush. I mean angie. i'm your host if you're new. I am so grateful. you're here. i'm your hype woman. Your energy dealer cheerleader. I'm a college in. Corporate dropout turned multi passionate serial entrepreneur speaker founder creator author and. I'm here to help you own your weird. Hack your health and start before you're ready. This show is for you. The dreamer the side hustler. The multi passionate the entrepreneur. The ambitious the woman. Who knows she's made for more that. Maybe you don't know what

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