Lord Conrad Black's Guidance for Donald Trump


As somebody who's written pasta histories of prior presidents as somebody who's written a present history of the forty fifth president when he was still in the white house. What would be the sagacious. What would be the wise way for president trump to react to recent events. He's not allowed on social media. Does his choon change with regard to international affairs. What what would you counsel. Should he call you up. Oddly enough and i guess. There's lots of precedent for Historical initiatives producing exactly the opposite consequences. To what is aimed for but this imposed silence on on trumpet as as even he. I think has acknowledged as actually been somewhat to his benefit. i don't know how clearly aware he is of. Just how tiring fatiguing a great. Many people felt his years as president were even those who supported him and agreed with them in policy terms. Wanted to rest from him. Being sort of in your face every day and tweeting out all night and And as he has observed voluntarily or otherwise comparative silence The democrats have been allowed to steal in their own juice and the focus as it should be is on the new administration. And how are they doing and they're not doing very well. And so this takes people's attention away from what has been as you know surpassed we've often spoken of it for the last five years. The only argument the democrats have had which is trump hate. I even a couple of weeks. Watching i rarely do this. Watching don lemon only could do was to bring back tapes for no plausible pretexts current affairs at all of past things that president trump said and misrepresented them such as That he had ever said that people should ingest lay sold fight. Kovin mean say that he said with the principle of cleaning up cleanser On the on the affected plays with the application of heat. It was there. He asked to the surgeon general on camera and he possible application of that in this case he didn't mean as nancy said a bottle of lysol some similar product and and start drinking. And that's what that that's kind of publicity. It was getting and When they can't go to that there's just absolutely no excuse for dragging it nonsense like that militias nonsense fiction people focus on. Who is there now and how were they doing. And it doesn't take much concentration on those questions before you start saying well. You know trump actually did a number of things right.

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