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Hello shots i'm james. Siphon joined by cables on a day of drama here in westminster. We have had a cabinet reshuffle today and it has been more extensive than many had expected. It's had its moments of dramas and it spills casey weakness reshuffle. A success for the prime minister thing is to at isa tau. I think that we can see it. As a statement of intent from the prime minister i think is a show of his authority that he has embarked on this ratio and is not particularly timid. Reshef lisk fairly sizable. he ticket. Some of mrs here just being caused at completely. So gavin williamson has lost. His job bravo generic has lost his job. Robert buckner and amanda milling. And i think the each one tells us something in the sense that was lots of speculation governments not keep him as in education but he could move to something else perhaps leader the haves because they're ultimately worried about having someone who was an organizer on the back benches. I think the fact that bush has decided that he is not sufficiently worried about that. Tells you something where. He is mentally at the moment in terms of the unruly party. I think that he is in quiet. Punchy mead some discouraged me as he's in weld. King might feeling power for women. And then i think you can see jen rick. Now both williamson. Rubber january for ministers renew had difficult time with that. Brief he feller in those conservative home rankings but robot. Jessica someone he was in that trio receding oliva and rubber generic. He backed boris johnson alien leadership. And it's seen by many on. The campaign is at pivotal point. When things turned and boris johnson's favor and lots more. Mp started coming on board. So i think at one point generally seen as a rising star so the fact that you act someone who's very young and the career is interesting and then i'm rob buckland. I think it was interesting. I was in my no one saw that coming but otari. The prime minister needs to make space of people who wants to promote. So i think it feels as though the prime minister feels roderick shooed in harry's car. Does that say for one thing that could have derailed this reshuffle obedient if dominate rob foreign. Who was the phones. Actually this morning had refused to leave his job now. It seems off some tense negotiations. He's greece become justice actually kind of consolation title of of deputy prime minister. How real do you think that title. Educated i mean. Fraser is an interesting thing saying that. Sometimes it's also means nothing times it means something. What's your instinct on that. Yeah i mean. I think not to be incredibly boring but time will tell i think the fact is come up in the way it had. That's the keys. It appears only being offered to grease the wheels. If he's in it's hard to imagine that there's a huge role envisage. Yeah i mean. I think the way it's bad tempered negotiation by all the cans. Something he didn't want to be debated they take it very well does suggest it smooth just to ease things and to get dominic robb into position when he would actually take another job but overseas that the what rob makes and it'd be interesting if he can take near dent his authority in the census as a demotion and tanna into something else i think the tricky thing dominic robb is it just widely. Looks is now. He's had a very difficult time on afghanistan. His reputation has been tarnished as a result of it. And now he's being domestic from the foreign office. A decent remembering that bruce johnson and dominic robb. Do you have that relationship dating batman. He stood him and boris johnson intensive care. So you can see how deputy prime minister wax and then you get back to the point. He was effectively the de facto. Deputy prime minister anyway. So it's just a slightly more formalized title to soften the blow what he thinks the british constitutions toys dempsey provinces. I actually statement. There is a newer precedents. All of these things consciously government there is. There is no role for deputy prime minister. There is a role for us. Actually state i think giving him. This title means nothing. I mean you're right. I mean you've had them being for happened in afghanistan of the some of the whole row over dominant rob's holiday in the like you could imagine someone with a straight face saying look you know justices a big job that's not the court's backlog but the whole issue of judicial review and a british bit of rights which dominate rob worked on batman. David cameron was prime minister. Among justice secretary he's sexually state. We're bringing him into this. Big domestic briefing is very hard to say that on after everything that's happened. Novak on with osama. I think is made all the on his replacement as foreign secretary in liz crossing. This tross has she. She is very popular. Tori tross routes regularly talks dot com

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