A highlight from Episode 47: Are You My Mummy? - Part 2

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Previously on something. Who i'm richard and we're back with another look at a couple of doctor who stories fourth doctor tail pyramids of mars from season thirteen and after that we discussed twelfth doctor story mummy on the orient express from series. Eight with me to discuss. Mummies and malign controlling presences are big finnish author missing episodes podcast. Paul good evening all soya and astronomy writer. Joel's i've got too cold and making apart quartet. It's graphic designer half of donald sixty three to eighty eight gaffe alot. So let's start with pyramids of mars. I have actually seen this story since it was broadcast and now on to part two of our discussion in episode. Forty seven I thought i'd got to the bottom of why i think about homes is genius. Plotting store's competitive people get slowly wrong for the record and shuki this note. I think he plots them for the conceptualize the story from the top down robin from the bottom up which is why he starts knowing what tone and the look and the feel of the story is that he wants to go for and he does the least possible work on the story line on the on the structure to enable those parts to stick together with somebody else might stuff in the bottom up with more much more world building more much more hard work on the world. Building that cassandra. This blue griffin had done working will building me and it was all unnecessary. Homes just links them together as simple as he can and his world building is part we just we just have a few lines here. And there and he says syrians destroyed the world. Cyrus is another one of those names that he comes up with face resigned. Remember reading about it. In the program will address just full of exotic sending names and comes a really good one it will be mata spiral whatever it was always over those him. Well building towns wing. Drying which is just gives us a sense of the has thought about the world outside these six episodes. It's not important. But he's just to briefly lou to it so we know it exists and again it's tantalizing. He does a lot of his story. Breakdowns are always full of necessary. Back story and then when he's given briefs to the rises he fills in all kinds of irrelevant detail names and places and stuff. It's wonderful good some because that might contradict my theory about his top down economical approach to world building. He's just enough work on putting his elements together which contradicts what.

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