Do Viking Cruises Lives Up To All The Hype?


Can viking ocean cruises ever be as good as their fans would lead you to believe. Before i came on viking. I was constantly told by people who love viking ocean that it is wonderful. it's magnificent. It's unique it's different. It's the best it. Does this better that better. So i bought it my very first ocean crews here on viking venus with a little bit of trepidation and some pretty high standards what i can tell you as you see during the course of this. It didn't entirely go to plan. I was blindsided by things. I was surprised by somethings and some things. Were basically pretty much. As i expected but the thing that really stood out no one had really warning about so. Stick with me to find out what those things were if you knew here. I'm gary benbridge. Welcome aboard welcome aboard viking venus. I'm here to make it fun and easy to discover plan and enjoy unforgettable cruise vacations and is viking cruises unforgettable or not one of the things that are arrested with both before i came on cruise and during the cruise is exactly who or what is. Viking oceans like increases is an independent line it was created and is so chaired by its founder. A man called torsten haagen so viking ocean of course came from rivers they started in european rivers and then expanded to rivers around the world and then are also gains expedition. cruising delivered. Experience on viking is pretty luxury but it's not ultra luxury so probably quite comfortably competes with an fits with lines like say. Oh she anya. As amara perhaps even winstar which is pretty luxurious small ships higher level of service good quality fixtures and fittings however. It was very clear that viking has a significant difference to those lines so people who might like those lines like viking. But they'll find something very different because the experience viking is quite different though to those particular lions because at its heart has a very different philosophy. And that's because it came from riveted started with rivers not with ocean and the whole way that they approach and do cruising is pretty

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