Was Brian Laundrie The 'Creepy Man' In The Van?


So. I've got a theory that i'm going to drop her an idea and the only way that i can kind of spin this right now is just an idea from author mind. Meaning how. I would pen the fiction if i was taking this story and wanted to write. Write the book Right the write the script. And where would i go with it because the question is you know. Whereas she but was brian. Also the creepy man that was You know basically the there's a couple unit probably know about it. That was murdered in their bodies were found in august eighteenth female couple and they had said that. There's a creepy man who intimidated them and or they felt intimidated by. And that's pretty much. What what it was before. Their bodies were found and we know that on august twelfth. That is the time where they had left. The co-op brian and gabby and that's where the body cam footage that you're seeing with the cops. We also know about two days later. That female couple near moab at a campsite like a remote Place was Was killed and it was later revealed that it was multiple gunshots to the back to the side and their bodies. Of course we're found agassi eighteenth but there is record of one of them saying At least one of them saying that there was a creepy man quotes and that they felt intimidated quotes by that at now. The question is what cops are even saying. Right now is they're they're not eliminating that. Brian is a suspect not. He's a person of interest in the disappearance in the mercy missing persons cases of Gabby right now. but they're not saying That these two cases aren't you know possibly linked and my idea from the fiction Fish inside and not what. I'm actually saying that he did. But if i were to pen the fiction it would be that yeah. He is the creepy man near that campsite that he and the girlfriend made it to a campsite close by and when this guy started to rage and basically his relationship is unraveling is becoming not what it is seen on video but really unhappy that that the girlfriend is the one person for him and she feels the same way. There's a break-up something like that. But when he goes off wandering he sees a happy couple he sees a happy couple and these were newlyweds to female couple and he just rages over that fact because that's something that he can't get he wants and he can't convince the girl who's been his girlfriend for a couple years and now when they're enclosed quarters in the van things are different than what they are in the wide open space any

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