A highlight from Trek Best/Worst Romances - Vol. II (Set Phasers to Love!)


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle streaming to the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman of the federation the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan megan and welcome to the mega particle. I'm your gracious and humble hose. Jonathan we in here in the bunker on the eastern coast of these united states and boy we had crazy week this past week Alon going on in the world of star trek We celebrate of course are fifty fifth anniversary since the very first original series episode which was awesome. It makes me think. Wow like. I feel like i'm getting really old because i remember the fiftieth anniversary and that was five years ago. Seems like that was yesterday. We had a couple news notes and little like plugs for Some friends that. I have when i found out this first piece of news. I was kind of disheartened and apparently on october first. Voyager and enterprise are leaving netflix. the reason is is because they paramount is trying to get all of star trek content on one single streaming flip platform and that makes perfect sense. You know like you wanna have everything. Consolidated's of people are wondering are looking for stuff. It's all in one. Place also is a big cash cow so why not but anyway like that's really the only reason i keep. Net flicks is to watch star trek. Now i mean there's other great shows in there but i don't want to keep it for nothing you know. That's like fifteen bucks a month so jason. If you're listening to this we might cancel net flicks a moving onto another media. Big thing at it came out this week because of the fifty fifth anniversary is that. Go dot com has revealed that they're going to release their remastered remastered limit. They are The six classic like track. Pc games and they're available for download right now the interesting part. This is the first time since all of these games have been like on a modern video game storefront before. It's kind of been like if you can find copy. Maybe somewhere like your buddy from middle. School had one and you have to pay him like twelve bucks for like but now there's like a huge store and you can buy a easier to get so that's awesome but again that's a. Go dot com slash partner slash star trek. Go there and they're ten dollars a piece pair. The really. I'm not really into pc gaming. But i figured maybe a lot of you guys are and is always if you guys have businesses or blogs or things like that that you want to promote please let me know Of happy to do that free of charge. I'm not in this to make money as you mentioned before my friend. Jason has a wonderful movie blog and addresses in the episode description. She can go there. I think it's called. Jason goes to the movies a new one. It's called let me see. I get this right. A vintage nomad dot com. Is that what it is luna. It is okay great. Yeah it's one of our older friends and Yeah apparently she quit her job as what i was reading to pursue so we thought we were helping out a little bit again. All their information is in episode. Descriptions go their support him and hang him out. But you guys income here for plugs and for random. Pc star trek news We're about to get into romance volume to the best and worst relationships. If you're not really into the other star trek series might be a surprise spoiler so just let you guys now but luna leads roll right into it so the first one. These guys have not listened volume one. I strongly encourage you guys do that. but this is one that was really back and forth should include on the first volume and it got the cut. But it's number one best in my opinion for this episode volume two and that is Ben cisco and cassidy gates now. of course. this isn't ben cisco's first marriage His wife jennifer died in the battle of three five nine and we see that in the first episode of deep space nine If you're wondering the battle of i'm sorry battle wolf three five nine we have forgot the wealthy And that's about a where. The board invaded the alpha quadrant. Destroyed like an armada federation ships and things was like twenty thousand or thirty thousand ships because cards knowledge so cisco wife died in that but over the course of the series and this is what makes ds nine so great when my favorite Trek series out. There is because they deal with things other than just like your run of the meal. Corny mc monster of the week tapa things like actually have like great character arcs in one of those his ben cisco trying to cope with being this emissary and then also coming from grief in like recovering from grief being okay with like falling in love with another woman and having a relationship with another woman other than his his wife that has passed.

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