Dallas Cowboys Starting Tackle La'El Collins Suspended 5 Games

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Lyle collins suspension. Which for those of you. That have not heard yet. Which i'm sure you have but Friday afternoon it was announced that he was getting a five game suspension for violation of the substance abuse policy There's nothing on the books in the nfl drug policy that says a substance abuse issue is a five game penalty. There is a for the second time you're punished for methamphetamines. Or amphetamines and adderall. And diuretics and things like that That is a five game suspension. So i don't know if there's some somehow taking that as precedents and applying it lyle's case and somehow It's still murky as to what exactly. He was in the drug program for There was a report on sl from jason lockenfora that he's been tested ten times a month for the last eighteen months which that's not totally unusual. I know there have been players before that have been tested with that. Frequency randy gregory had talked about that When he came back so it's it's not totally unheard of for that to happen. But i don't know why lyle would. It have been in the program but missing a test missing. These tests are refusing member. Whatever the story is because apparently it was not a failed test. Missing these tests would result in this suspension. Only if he had already been on the program. So something's off here where we're missing a lot of details here and hopefully we can get some more clarity about it But as it stands now we don't know exactly what he's in the program for. There's lyles disputing the word. Representation is disputing the refusal to take the tests and and they're in this appeal process. They've already appealed apparently and it was rejected but they feel like the appeal process has not been exhausted. And so that's part of where this tension is coming from. Mike mccarthy didn't have any other comments on it he just said they were not surprised suspension. So this is something. That's been brewing. It's been something that's been out there. And that the cowboys have been aware of

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