Federal Workers Must Be Vaccinated or Submit to Covid Testing and Distancing


Vaccination requirement for federal workers today Here's a B C. Cecilia Vega. We're talking about more than two million federal employees here a lot of people, the federal government is actually the largest employer in the country, so this is going to impact. Number of people. Let me tell you how this works. The government essentially is saying here, get vaccinated or otherwise face a number of pretty inconvenient requirements. You'll have to get tested regularly. You'll have to remain socially distant at work. We're talking about limited to no work trouble. What they are not saying here, though, is if you're not vaccinated. You can't come to work or if you're not vaccinated. You'll get fired. A big question right now is the military the secretary of defense. He's made it pretty clear, though he said he's not comfortable with mandating this vaccine for the military until it has full FDA approval for the vaccine. We're not expecting that for another couple more months. This, though, is still a major shift for this administration all along. They've said Look, we don't want to be the ones to mandate vaccines here. Clearly, at this point, they want the private sector to follow their lead on this one. They say the delta variant has changed everything.

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