Biden Approval Drops to 50%, Lowest for Him to Date


So in a new gallup poll and and gallup is starting t me off a little bit because we asked them look. We need the methodology of your poll and refused to give it. Their methodology is how many democrats how many republicans. How many independence do you talk to. There's no reason why they shouldn't give it unless there's some sleight of hand so anyway. This poll just released says that joe biden has dropped and job approval to fifty percent lows and six months disapprove. Forty five percent rasmussen telling tracking has biden at forty nine approval. Disapprove forty nine now. Biden's numbers will continue to fall because you'll continue to pay more for gas food clothing and other stuff you need gotta buy a car and pay a lot more. So once americans figure that out. They'll blame him and it is his fault to some extent not one hundred percent but you know you attack the fossil fuel industry the oil and gas industry. They prices go up

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