The Haunting of Chaonei No. 81

Haunted Places


June giggled as she covered her eyes and counting to ten but once he reached wives she peered through her fingers. She could see mainly heading toward the a number eighty one a creepy old house and their neighborhood. June knew that it was cheating to peak but mailing wasn't playing fair. Either she wasn't supposed to go near the abandoned mansion. June was just leveling the playing field june followed nailing climbing over the mansion cement wall and dropping into the overgrown yard on the other side. Kids always told stories about this house. They claimed it was haunted. Anyone who went inside disappeared but june wasn't afraid of ghosts. She wasn't afraid of. Even though the owners had boarded up the place she spotted an opening where someone had wrenched away. The wood june hoisted herself through hole and climbed inside. She smiled when she saw pink bow. Sitting in the cop. Cobwebbed doorway may laying was here. June turned as she heard a clatter coming from an open door beneath the stairs as she walked toward it she suddenly heard a voice yell for help jones pulse quickened. It was mailing. She raced to the door in time to hear a blood-curdling scream echoing from the basement. June leapt alvis chairs and unto the dirt floor frantically looking for a light switch. Finally she pulled on a chain and a single. Bare bulb illuminated the room. But it was empty. may ling was gone.

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