Passenger Charged With Groping, Punching Flight Attendants


The Miami Dade Police report, 22 year old Maxwell Berry, now charged with three counts of battery where his behavior on the Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami Saturday. Police say Barry had been drinking, allegedly assaulted three flight attendants groped to female and punched a male attendant. You know what? Why do they have to mention he was drinking? Like, what does that have to do with it? I've been drinking on a plane. I didn't do that. Why? Why should drinking. Take the hit right. If you're smoking weed. They wouldn't say that. If he was on Coke. They wouldn't say he's all coked up. But for some reason Alcohol always takes the shot. Don't you think? That's the reason why he was acting the way he but But But if he was on Coke, they wouldn't say he was all coked up if they knew that to be true, Yes, they were, but they don't or or you know, he would. They wouldn't say. Well, you know, he was spotted in his, uh, in his Subaru taking large bomb loads before the flight. You never hear that. I never heard. It's always alcohol. It takes the hit alcohol limit on the yes and cigarettes. You know, it's cigarette smokers. The last people everyone can make fun of night cigarette smokers. Right, like the last people that you can discriminate against all the time, and they always take it in the shorts, saying here swinging at the man trying to restrain him. He started to get aggressive and then basically attack the men play out in there, Are you The flight attendants desperate to get very under control, stretching tape across his body and around the seat kind of a busy flight, right. I'm usually just sitting there on my iPad playing a game or something, And then these guys, everyone's punching each other. They're duct taping each other kind of an interesting flight. Alfredo Rivera, who shot this video says the crew did the best they could to protect the other passengers. They have to restrain him because He was a danger for other passengers or insane but the airline under fire for its handling of the situation, the airline got down on the flight attendants suspended all of them. And then the

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