A highlight from Episode 333: An IoT networking bonanza


Is your host stacey higginbotham and your co host kevin toefl and we have a gm pack show for you today. We're going to be talking about space. X acquiring swarm lot of money getting invested into helium. And kind of a crazy way. We've got a survey out about malvern targeting iot devices we've got an update from the samsung galaxy unpacked event. We've got a story on building the wall at the border in making its smart plus. It's a day that ends in. Why so we have another product from wise and we also have a connected sump pump out there for people with basements and neuro snow. Not neuroses. we'll talk about it. We also are going to just get a quick update on some new offerings from grand that might interest a of y'all were also get here from our sponsor very and after that we're going to hear from rob aitken from arm. We're going to be talking about low power computing going up in nanometers to actually build new designs and a lot of innovation around chip design focused on price performance per watt. So it's gonna be a little nerdy but you're gonna appreciate it. I know it with all of that. Mind let's start the show with a message from our sponsor this week sponsor is very. Are you looking for an iot development firm that has been there and done. That very has

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