Cole Hamels Signs With L.A Dodgers to Add Depth


Of a vintage lefty, with quite a resume, and I know you have a man crush on him for a long time, as did I. Great. How about Cole Hamels? How about Cole Hamels signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, which gives them Incredible depth or see where he's at. He's a little like Madison Bumgarner. But with shares er he's going to pitch tonight, making his Dodger debut. Walker Buehler went yesterday. Last night. They're gonna throw Kershaw on Saturday against the Angels. Consulate's back on the I. L. Arrius could go to the bullpen again, like he did last October and closure. Give another nasty left hander and then he got David Price who could swing He was in the bullpen to start the year. I don't know what they're going to do. With Cole Hamels. But that is a very interesting signing,

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