Beanie Feldstein Starring as Fanny Brice in Broadway Revival of ‘Funny Girl’


Don't tell me not to live just sitting under lights, candy and the sun's of all of you recognize that song I know you do. Don't Yeah, I love that song. Don't rain on my parade. Yes, honey Girl. It's in funny girl for the first time in 58 years a revival of funny girl going back to Broadway. I don't know if anyone could do it as good as Barbara Barbara. Barbara Streisand was the funny girl in 1964. Be back in the day. They're going to performances to for the new, funny girl set to start next spring. Beanie Feldstein, who is the sister of actor Jonah Hill is going to star and so do we think that Beanie is going to do as well as Barbara? I don't know. I don't know much about Benny.

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